What Should a Small Business Web Design Cost in 2013?

There may not be a more popular (and probably coyly avoided) question that will get asked to most web design firms than ‘How much will a website cost me?’.

If you’re an individual or a small business owner looking for information on the cost of developing or re-developing your own site, chances are you’ve done your research and you know first hand that it can be pretty overwhelming and altogether frustrating to try to find a ‘set price’ on what you can expect to pay.

Well, here lies the problem – A website is really nothing like a conventional product or service, so to price it like one is equally as tricky.

Building Your Online Home
Perhaps one of the best real world comparisons I’ve come across lately is relating the design & development process of your website to that of purchasing a new home:

Sure, you can purchase a pre-built home that comes ready to move in with no need to change a thing, and that works for many people. But what happens when you want to start customizing certain elements? Maybe add in that extra fireplace in the basement. Perhaps spruce up that kitchen with some fancy granite countertops, or some beautiful landscaping out front. Well, bit by bit the price begins to add up.

The options for building and customizing a website (and a home) are literally endless, and therefore make it pretty tricky to have a ‘one size fits all price’ before knowing quite a bit about what the entire project will involve and what key elements will be needed.

See the relation?

Getting Accurate Quotes
When the time comes to get down to the nitty gritty and discuss your new project with a designer, it’s best to come to them as prepared as you can. You should be able to express to them exactly what you want to achieve with your site.

After all, the more information and details you can provide to the designer about what you want to accomplish and how you want your site to function, the more accurate of a quote they’ll be able to provide. It’s win / win for everyone!

Below are a few fantastic articles that provide some great insight into what small businesses can expect to pay when getting themselves set-up with an online presence.

(Spoiler Alert – They actually include some $$ amounts!)

How much does a small business website cost in 2013?

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