How Do I Get Listed On The First Page Of Google Search Results?

How Do I Get Listed On The First Page Of Google Search Results?

This is quite possibly the most asked question by anyone who has run or currently runs their own website.

And for good reason.

After all, you’ve just invested all this time into this new web presence that you absolutely love and now it’s time to show it off to the masses.

We all want to end up on that first page of search results, because let’s face it, appearing high up in Google’s rankings lets you:

  • receive a huge amount more web traffic to your site; and
  • be able to generate more leads and sales from all of that new traffic

Seems simple enough, huh?

Your new site has just gone live so people should be flocking to it now, shouldn’t they?

Ideally yes, but what happens when they can’t even find your site in the first place? How is all that new traffic going to make it’s way to your new online home?

If You Build It, Will They Come?

One of the biggest challenges that any site faces, is that Google is continuously changing how they choose to rank websites, meaning many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that may have worked in the past, have now been tossed aside.

Now, at first glance, changing these sort of things up so often may seem kind of counter intuitive on Google’s end, right?

But when you break it down, it makes total sense.

Weeding Out The Bad Guys

With Google continuously changing their formula on how they go about ranking sites,  this prevents those sneaky people who try to beat the system by using what’s known as ‘backhanded’ or ‘black hat’ techniques (see: keyword stuffing, invisible text, and using keywords not related to the site’s contents, etc. ) from being able to effectively ‘cheat the system’.

Think of it in the same sense as counterfeit money. By the government constantly changing little details and elements about each bill, this allows the fake bills in circulation to be spotted pretty easily.

Smart, huh? Well, it is Google afterall..

Although Google uses many different factors when it comes to page ranking, the below graphic helps to break things down in a much more simplified way. Check it out –


Original infographic created by www.quicksprout.com

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