When A Brand Makes You Feel Like A Badass

When A Brand Makes You Feel Like A Badass

Creating emotion through a brand can be a powerful thing.

Think of a few of your favourite brands and the reason you love them in the first place.

Sure, sometimes it’s as simple as you just enjoying their product or service, but chances are there are a few that you can think of that actually trigger something inside you. Something that you relate to. Something that provides an emotional connection to that specific item.

Case in point:

We are huge, huge fans of a local Toronto jewellery company for men that are making big waves, called Vitaly Design. These guys are doing super unique things for men’s jewellery by way of designs that speak to the tattoo and skateboard culture.

Vitaly Design

Everything from square rings, to double and even triple rings. Now being a frequent visitor to their site (and spending far too much of my money there) I noticed a comment the other day on their Facebook page from a fan of theirs that speaks directly to the power of emotion in your brand and what this post is getting at.

She said:
“I love what you guys do so much because despite the fact that deep down I’m really a huge nerd, wearing your jewellery makes me feel like such a badass!”

And it’s the truth.

Making An Emotional Connection

Tying an emotional connection to your brand can ultimately turn your customers into brand evangelists for you. Advertisers have long been using this tactic in the way they sell. The best examples actually sell an idea or a feeling more than the product itself.

As you build your brand, keep in mind that by expressing your company‚Äôs personality, you’re helping to create an emotional connection with your audience and, by default, gaining the power of word-of-mouth referrals about what it is you do, simply by tying two important things together: A Great Product with Emotion.

Go make someone feel like a badass.


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